How to Have a Law Practice AND a Life

Downloadable Audio Seminar, Introductory Price $79.95

A three hour seminar in four segments:

  • Discovering Your Quality of Life Quotient
  • Taming Your Office Outflow
  • Weeding and Tending Your Client Garden
  • Slaying the Accounts Receivable Dragon

This popular seminar, which Sue has taught many times in the past 15 years, is now available for download, along with 27 pages of written materials. See why prior attendees have attended numerous times to learn the fine points of how Sue turned her grueling, full time practice into a satisfying, profitable, part time practice, while taking a minimum of two months vacation a year. You’ll learn how to break the bad office habits that cost you more than you can afford, how to get rid of the clients who are making you nuts while attracting more of the clients you want, how to eliminate waste in your practice, and free more of your time to do the things you LOVE to do.

It’s been a while since Sue offered this workshop live, and as a thank you to everyone who asked to be on a waiting list for the next presentation, Sue is offering a one-time introductory discounted price of $79.95 per download. Each download contains all four sessions, including a special session on marketing, and all the worksheets, sample worksheets and other materials.

Act now and start turning the practice you have into the practice you want - streamlined, profitable, with good, paying clients who love you and send their friends to you. Start today to increase your bottom line and quality of life without sacrificing income or professional satisfaction.